A Goal Without Action is Just a Wish

A goal without action is just a wish. Set some goals and smash them! If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, medical consider investing in one for a little bit of extra motivation. I find that using a heart rate monitor really helps motivate me, viagra both in terms of frequency and intensity of my workouts. I like to monitor how hard I’m working during a session, and I LOVE getting my workout session totals at the end of the week. It makes my workouts a fun game and helps me accomplish my goals by giving me focus and making me accountable. It’s what I find works for me. These are my results from last week’s workouts. The fitness program on my watch set my weekly target at 2550 calories, but I was aiming for a 4000 calorie goal. I’m super excited that I finally broke through that 4000 calorie ceiling! It took a few weeks of trying, and I was very close (3850) a couple times, but I finally did it! The fitter you become, and the smaller you are, the fewer calories you burn. Bummer…but the upside is that you are (1) more fit, and (2) have more muscle mass, so you are burning more calories at rest.

Whether it be fitness, or any area of your life, ask yourself what you truly want. Then write down the #goals that you’ve set for yourself, make a plan to get there, and start driving. Start anywhere! The important thing is to just #START. “Be not afraid of moving slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”