Hard Body HIIT Workout

Finding time to exercise can be hard. Do you have 16 mins? If you are smart with your moves, stomach clinic you can cram a lot of workout into a short period of time. This workout will get your heart rate up, unhealthy case and your body burning fat and building muscle. You can do this workout anywhere and no equipment is needed (dumb bells are optional). So, carve out 16 mins for yourself and get a workout in. You will be glad you did! I hope you like this one!

FitForceFX Hard Body HIIT Workout:

30 Second Cardio Intervals Of Speed Skaters In Between Each Exercise (Repeat 1-3x or add another FitForceFX workout of your choice)

Optional Equipment: Set Of Medium-Weight Dumbells And A Set Of Light-Weight Dumbells

1) 30 sec: Plank thread-the-needle to open (alternate L&R)
2) 30 sec: 3 Switch lunges w/ knee up
3) 30 sec: Decline push-up, decline spiderman push-up (L&R)
4) 30 sec: Squat, front kick (L&R)
5) 30 sec: Decline plank knee-in, knee-outside, knee-cross (alternate L&R)
6) 30 sec: Sumo squat, lateral leg lift
7) 30 sec: Static lunge (L), hammer curl
8) 30 sec: Static lunge (R), shoulder press
9) 30 sec: Pirate Pulls (L&R)
10) 30 sec: Push-up w/ toe-touch (L&R)
11) 30 sec: Double-leg raise to reverse crunch (w/ pelvic tilt and bent knee)
12) 30 sec: Forearm plank twisters