Beach Body Strength Workout

Strength training is very important to include in your workout regime.

Benefits of Strength Training: 

1) Improves balance, strength, and body mechanics.

2) Stops, prevents, and even reverses bone and muscle loss (especially important after 40).

3) Assists in weight loss (and helps keep it off for good).

4) Asthetics – muscular definition!

5) Boosts energy levels and improves mood.

6) More muscle = more calories burned at rest, since more calories are used to maintain muscle than fat.  Strength training can boost your metabolism by 15%, which can really jumpstart a weight loss plan.

This is why I always include strength components even with my hardcore cardio HIIT and Tabata workouts. Now, let’s go build some muscle!

Optional Equipment: Set Of Dumbells And A Mat

*This workout is a strength workout but it will also raise your heart rate.  If you would like more cardio, add in some burpees, or cardio of your choice, between each exercise, or pair this workout with one of my HIIT or Tabata workouts.

1) 50 sec : Commando Push-up, knee to inside elbow (L&R)

2) 50 sec:  Curtsey lunge kicks (L)

3) 50 sec: Curtsey lunge kicks (R)

4) 50 sec: Single-leg deadlift w/ row (L)

5) 50 sec: Single-leg deadlift w/ row (R)

6) 50 sec: Squat overhead press burpee

7) 50 sec: Reverse lunge knee-raises (L)

8) 50 sec: Reverse lunge knee-raises (R)

9) 50 sec:  Bombshell get-up (L)

10) 50 sec: Bombshell get-up (R)

11) 50 sec: Kneeling lean-backs

12) 50 sec: Straight-leg reverse crunch twists