True Grit Full Body Fat Burn Workout

“True Grit Full Body Fat Burn” workout is a HIIT & strength workout.  HIIT (vs. steady state cardio) is more efficient, burns more calories in less time, is superior at improving cardiovascular fitness, has a greater after-burn, is a more effective fat-burner, and enables you to retain and even build lean muscle mass.  Combine that with an added strength component and you’ve got yourself a killer well-rounded workout!  I hope you like it!  Have fun!

30 Second Cardio Intervals Weighted Basketball Jumps In Between Each 1 Minute Strength Exercise (Repeat 1-3x)

Optional Equipment: Set of dumb bells

1) 1 min : Single leg push-ups (alternate L&R)

2) 1 min:  Curtsey lunge kicks (alternate L&R)

3) 1 min: Single-leg deadlift (L)

4) 1 min: Single-leg deadlift (R)

5) 1 min: Plank to tricep plank, push-up to staggered side plank (alternate L&R)

6) 1 min: Forward lunge, hammer curl to overhead press (alternate L&R)

7) 1 min: Squat, forward raises (alternate L&R)

8) 1 min:  Single-leg chair squat (L)

9) 1 min: Single-leg chair squat (R)