Your Core is More Than Just a Pretty Face

New workouts are uploading and will be posted soon. In the meanwhile, throw a round or two of Abs on Fire into today’s workout…because every day is ab day!

While it may be good motivation, rocking a 6-pack isn’t the only reason to get your core in shape. Your core isn’t just your abs, it’s your body’s powerhouse. It helps you do just about everything! Whether you are playing a sport, cleaning the house, or picking up your child, every move either originates from your core, or passes through it. So let’s take care of our cores!

A strong core:

1) Protects your inner organs and central nervous system.
2) Helps prevent injuries. The core is connected to everything – a rock-solid center will help to ensure that your movements are strong and pain free.
3) Prevents and banishes back pain.
4) Helps with balance and stability.

FitForceFX Abs On Fire Workout

1) 30 bicycle cross crunches
2) 30 double leg raises
3) 20 heel touches
4) 30 leg pull-ins
5) 30 second v-sit
6) 60 second plank