Strong-to-the-Core Tabata & Strength Workout

Happy Friday, discount everyone! Head into the weekend strong with this “Strong-to-the-Core” workout. I designed this workout so that every single move will work the core, sale and will work it in different ways. This workout uses Tabata mixed with strength, recipe so we incorporate both fat burning and strength building, which is critical to having that strong core (and a core that is also VISIBLY strong)!

Strong to the Core Tabata & Strength Workout

Tabata (20 seconds high intensity/10 sec rest) & 3 Strength intervals (1 mins each) (2 rounds)

Optional Equipment: Basketball/Medicine Ball

1) TABATA: Mountain climbers (4 sets) / Knee-to-elbow, kick with core twist (2 sets L & 2 sets R)
2) STRENGTH 1: Raised leg oblique crunches (L)
3) STRENGTH 2: Raised leg oblique crunches (R)
4) STRENGTH 3: Leg pull-ins

5) TABATA: Commando push-ups (4 sets) / stand-up sit-ups (4 sets)
6) STRENGTH 1: Forearm plank twisters
7) STRENGTH 2: Ball single-leg bridge lifts (L)
8) STRENGTH 3: Ball single-leg bridge lifts (R)