Full Body Shred HIIT Workout

This workout and two others I will be posting for you soon had me dripping with sweat and sore for two days after. This one is just 14 minutes. Carve out some time for yourself and do it! Give it your best – push yourself. If you can only get one or two pushups in, don’t worry, if you drop to your knees, that’s good too – just do YOUR best. If you can get more pushups in than me – then you go for it (keeping good form, of course)! This is your workout – you make it what it is. Maximize those 14 mins by pushing yourself a little bit more every day. Hope you like this one!

FitForceFX.com Full Body Shred H.I.I.T. Workout (Repeat 1-3X)

Optional Equipment: Set Of Dumbells

1) 50 sec: Squat-jump, switch lunge
2) 50 sec: Renegade Rows
3) 50 sec: Pulsing lunge jump (L)
4) 50 sec: Pulsing lunge jump (R)
5) 50 sec: Push up & kick-throughs (L&R)
6) 50 sec: Spiderman plank
7) 50 sec: Donkey Kick to kick-through (L&R)
8) 50 sec: Close stance squats with lateral leg lift (L) & bicep curl
9) 50 sec: Close stance squats with lateral leg lift (R) & forward raise
10) 50 sec: Single-leg push-up, 4 mountain climbers (L&R)
11) 50 sec: Bridge toe-tap (L&R)
12) 50 sec: Lying leg reach (L&R)

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