Get to Know Your Nuts. What 100 Calories Looks Like


Oh nuts! How I love nuts. Especially peanuts, cure almonds or hazelnuts…and if they are covered with dark chocolate. Mmmmmm. It takes all my willpower to not eat a ton of nuts in one sitting. Knowing what a healthy serving of nuts looks like is helpful in preventing overconsumption of them. While nuts are very nutritious, they also pack a lot of calories and fat (albeit good fat). But as we all know too much of even a good thing, is not so good. Many say that “a handful” is a healthy serving size of nuts but that is far too vague a measurement to convey the appropriate serving…at least for me. I will take that “handful” and fill it to the brim. And I have. My “handful” holds 60 peanuts, which is approximately 364 calories (and I even have tiny little hands).

Check out this helpful diagram showing the health benefits of nuts and what a 100 calories of each variety looks like. Keep this diagram in mind next time you reach for those wonderful nuts. Oh, and if they happen to be the honey or sugar-coated kind, reach for at least 50% fewer.