Total Body Tabata Shred

New workout is up! Total Body Tabata Shred is a 16 minute HIIT. My apologies that this video is a tad dark and a little too zoomed. I was having technical difficulties with my camera, salve which have since been resolved. BUT this workout is a GREAT one, mind albeit slightly dark, so I decided to post it for you anyways! Enjoy! Kick butt!

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Optional Equipment: Set of dumbbells, 2 towels Or paper/plastic plates
20 seconds high intensity alternated with 10 seconds of complete rest.

1) Shuffle squat ALTERNATE squat front kick (8 sets)
2) Basketball jumps (4 sets) / twisted knee tucks (4 sets)
3) Decline push-up, knee-tap (4 sets) / Renegade rows to frogger (4 sets)
4) Stand-up sit-ups (4 sets) / Russian twist (4 sets)
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