5 Minute Plank Sequence

Today is the day for your 5 minute plank! Congratulations – you did it! For those of you who are reaching the end of the challenge today, a great way to keep up your abdominal strength and planking stamina is to do the following plank sequence (without rest, if you can). For those who are just starting the challenge, or who are partway through the challenge, you can also utilize this sequence during the challenge, if you are finding it difficult to maintain one position the entire time.

The plank is one of the most effective total body moves out there. Congratulations on conquering the FitForceFX Plank Challenge and doing something really good for your body! 💪🌟👍 

If you’d like to start the FitForceFX 30 Day Plank Challenge, you can find it here.

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