Surviving That 5 Minute Plank

About surviving that 5 minute plank: If you started the FitForceFX Plank Challenge with me on the first of this month, then you are at 4.5 minutes and tomorrow is the big day! You are almost there! Congratulations – you rock! If you joined us late, took a break (aka “forgot” to do your planks) or are just starting the Challenge now, you’ve got this! Here are some tips to survive the challenge…

1) Settle in and watch a music video on your iphone (placed on the floor in front of you – don’t strain your neck). This helped me immensely the last time I did this challenge and I made it to 5.5 minutes! Holding a plank for this long is not only physically taxing, but mentally taxing as well. I found it easier when I could take my mind off the pain and deflect the boredom.

2) Recruit your favorite cheerleaders. I had my kids and husband cheering me on to the last second!

The 5 minute plank is a paradox in that you are using relative inactivity to challenge and strengthen your abdominal muscles. It’s super TOUGH! But so are YOU! If you find you need to modify to get through it, switch your position or drop to your knees. Don’t compromise your form! It’s better to modify than to compromise form and potentially injure yourself.

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