Lean Body & Chiseled Abs Tabata & Strength

A new workout is up! Lean Body & Chiseled Abs combines both Tabata and strength in one effective workout. Burn fat and carve muscle definition with this super efficient and effective workout. Repeat 1-3x. Don’t forget to have fun!

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Train. Nourish. Transform.

(20 seconds high intensity/10 sec rest) & 3 Strength intervals (1 mins each) (2 rounds)

Optional Equipment: Set of Dumb Bells, Basketball/Medicine Ball

1) TABATA: Frogger 2 wide + 2 narrow ALTERNATE Split squat (4) to squat-jack
STRENGTH 1: Curtsey lunge w/ side-kick (L) (drive through heel on kick)
STRENGTH 2: Curtsey lunge w/ side-kick (R)
STRENGTH 3: Ball single-leg hip thrusts
2) TABATA: Plank Kick Throughs ALTERNATE Stand-up sit-ups
STRENGTH 1: Rotating side-plank knee-to-elbow
STRENGTH 2: Lying leg raise w/ hip thrust
STRENGTH 3: V-ups w/ shin touch

*Injury disclaimer:
Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce this risk of injury, please consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other, physical fitness program. Any user of this program assumes the full risk of injury resulting from performing the routines presented within this video.

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