Move of the Week: Bhavnani Burpee

Move of the Week: Bhavnani Burpee

This is a great exercise that works your entire body and makes your core and lower body work EXTRA hard. This one move will develop strength, sovaldi sale explosive power, drugstore and endurance, viagra while giving you an ass-kicking workout that also blasts your fat-loss and tones and defines your leg and glute muscles. And it’s fun too! Add it into your next workout! The key is to not rush this one. The pause on top of the Bosu is what makes it really difficult. It’s easy to just jump on and bounce, but to stay balanced is what really activates your core and leg muscles. Feel the burn!


1. Begin standing about 3 feet from the Bosu (depending on your height).
2. Take a “long-jump” onto the Bosu, landing in a semi-squat position. Hold for a couple seconds.
3. Jump backwards off the Bosu.
4. Kick your feet back to a plank.
5. Perform a push-up.
6. Immediately return your feet to the squat position. That’s one rep.

Beginners: You can perform this move on the floor without a Bosu. Simply perform a long-jump on level ground. You can also remove the push-up portion.

Advanced: Add in a jump squat on top of the Bosu immediately after your initial semi-squat landing. Video of that coming soon in the “Amp’d up Bhavnani Burpee”. Don’t forget to pause on top of the Bosu! That’s where challenge is!

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