MyMantra Day 6: Gratitude

“Keep your face towards the sunshine, viagra approved search and shadows will fall behind you.” ~ Walt Whitman

There is great power in gratitude. Actively thinking about and acknowledging the good things in your life (no matter how small) can lift you up if you are depressed, clinic and calm you down if you are anxious. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or sad, I step back and look at my life and realize the ways in which I am fortunate, and then I actively practice gratitude for these things and it makes me feel better. I am so very grateful for my children and that they are healthy. I am grateful for my supportive and loving husband. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for a body that moves. And I am grateful for a roof over our heads, clean water to drink, and fresh air to breathe.
And wine. I’m also grateful for wine. And chocolate. And peanut butter. See! So many things to be grateful for! 😉 What are you grateful for?

Day 6 of ?#?MyMantra? ~ Gratitude ~ Host: @beachyogagirl Sponsor: @mantraband

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