5 Min Cardio Warm Up Video

I’ve been getting requests for a warm-up video. And I love you guys, so your wish is my command!

Are you ever tempted to skip your warm up? Sometimes I am too! I just want to get to the nitty gritty workout! However, by skipping warm up we skip a very important part of our exercise routine.

8 Reasons why we should warm up:

1) Warming up helps break down the chemical complex of oxygen and enhances delivery to the muscle.

2) Reduces the potential for muscle and connective injuries, which are total bummers and can take you out of the fitness game for a while.

3) Increases blood flow to exercising muscles. The more blood that reaches the muscles, the easier the delivery of nutrients required for energy production.

4) Increase blood flow to the heart. More blood to the heart means a reduced risk for exercise-induced cardiac abnormalities.

5) Enhances the speed of transmission of nerve impulses. Motor faculties improve greatly when you’re warmed up. Hello enhanced performance!

6) Increases elasticity of muscles and connective tissue, which means better performance and reduced chance of injuries.

7) Prepares the cardiovascular system for impending workload. Helps the heart and blood vessels adjust to the body’s increased demands for blood and oxygen.

8) Warming up may reduce the likelihood of excessive muscle soreness.

Okay, okay, lecture over. That was for myself too. Now for the warm-up! Don’t worry – it’s fun, effective and quick!

You can find the 5 Min Cardio Warm Up on my YouTube channel here: 5 Minute Cardio Warm Up

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