MOVE OF THE WEEK: Decline pike push ups

Who loves push ups?! MOVE OF THE WEEK: Decline pike push ups (a.k.a. decline military press push ups; a.k.a. raised pike push ups)

Aka… Shoulder Killer. These are awesome and I love these. However if you have shoulder issues, tadalafil please do not do this push up variation. This is taking the pike push up to the next level and is the last progression towards a handstand push up. It’s intense. Raised pike push ups are an excellent bodyweight workout for the shoulders. They primarily work your anterior and lateral deltoids and your triceps. They also engage the muscles of the upper back (the trapezius). Instructions:

1) Begin in downward dog position with your feet elevated on a chair, recipe bench, or the wall. Your hips should be bent close to 90 degrees.
2) Keep your head in a neutral position and slowly lower down between the hands before pushing back to the starting position.


1) Like regular push ups, you don’t want your head coming down behind your hands.

Have fun! Note: video is sped up.

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