Appreciate Your Body While You Work to Change It

It’s important to appreciate and enjoy all that we have while working for all that we want. This is especially true when working towards our fitness goals. We can (and should) love and appreciate the body we have while working towards the body we want. In fact, this appreciation helps speed us toward our fitness and health goals! We need to appreciate what our body does for us on a daily basis and believe that it is special enough, amazing enough and precious enough to warrant our utmost attention and care, as it is RIGHT NOW! Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Deep thoughts for #workoutwednesday! Hope everyone is having a great day! New workout posting soon…and it’s a craaaazyy sweaty and fun one! Your body will thank you. 😉 Find me on Facebook and YouTube for workouts, fitness & health tips, motivation, and comfort food hacks. And don’t forget to say “hello” and leave your comments there!

Train. Nourish. Transform.