MOVE OF THE WEEK: Squat Jump Toe Tap

MOVE OF THE WEEK: Squat Jump Toe Tap your way to sexy defied legs and booty. Squat jumps are a plyometric exercise that burn a high number of calories and tone the glutes and thighs fast. Add in the toe-tap, website clinic and well…wowza!


1) Begin with your feet shoulder width apart, approved with your head and chest up and your back straight.
2) Keeping your back straight and your chest up, squat down as you inhale.
3) From the squat position, pressing through the balls of your feet, jump straight up in the air as high as possible, using the thighs like springs. Exhale
4) At the top of your jump, tap your toes together mid-air.
5) When you touch the floor again, immediately squat down and jump again.

Do 3 rounds of 15 or do this as a Tabata (20 seconds on max reps and 10 seconds of rest x8). For full workouts, fitness & health tips, motivation, & healthy recipes, find me on YouTube and Facebook.

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