MOVE OF THE WEEK: Single leg chair squat.

MOVE OF THE WEEK: Single leg chair squat. This challenging exercise is a must for any workout routine. It not only works the obvious larger muscles like the gluteus maxims, quads and hamstrings, but also the smaller muscles like the abductors, gluteus medius, and quadratus lumborum in ways we can’t duplicate when training two legs at a time. That’s why I’m always talking up single-leg moves!!!

You really can’t cheat on this exercise, so it’s even more effective! This move takes the best glute activation a squat can offer and the best hip and thigh activation that a lunge can offer and rolls it all into one amazingly effective and efficient exercise. I like to add a little extra challenge by including a weighted static arm extension.


1) Begin standing within sitting distance to the edge of a chair with your arms outstretched, and 10lb weight in hands, left food solidly on the floor and right leg elevated in front of you, off the ground about 8-12 inches.
2) Engage your abs and SLOWLY shift your glutes backwards (as you do in a regular squat) and touch down briefly on the chair.
3) Engage your glutes and abs and push back up off the heel of your left foot to back to the starting position. You’ll be using a TON of core work for stability that will keep you from falling over. Make sure you fully stand all the way up and then slightly press your hip forward to give your glutes an extra squeeze. That’s one rep.

Do 3 sets of 12 reps.

1) Make sure you are not leading with your knee when sitting back down. Always lead with your hips first.

2) To help keep your balance, find a spot in front of you and stay focused on it throughout this exercise.

3) Tall straight back and abs engaged the entire time.

This is an awesomely effective exercise! Have fun!

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