Full Body Fat Blast: Lean Body Series Workout #13

Happy Monday, everyone! Full Body Fat Blast is now up on the FitForceFX channel! It’s #13 in the Lean Body Series and it’s another full-on fat blaster metabolism booster workout! Big-time after-burn effect with this one, guys! All levels can do this, just go at your own max pace. Are you ready? Let’s absolutely kill this one! Click a picture of your sweaty self at the end of this workout and send it to me! I want to see your sweat equity pics!

The workouts in the Lean Body Series are for EVERYbody – men and women of all ages and fitness levels. No matter who you are, this series will get you shredded and breaking through plateaus! Repeat 1-3 times or combine with another workout from the Lean Body Series.
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