Combat Fat Burner HIIT: Lean Body Series Workout #14

Combat Fat Burner HIIT is the 14th workout in the Lean Body Series and it’s a another full-on calorie burn with a high after-burn effect! It’s a super fun one too! There is a kickboxing interval in this workout, which is always a fun way to blast that fat and tone those muscles! We’re also doing 40/30 with no rest period (yes that’s right 40/30!). All levels can do this, just go at your own max pace and get as many reps in as you can in the allotted interval. Take breaks as you need them. During the kickboxing interval I want you to really focus on feeling each movement and really contract your muscles. Always keep your core tight the entire time AND when you are kicking, also contract your leg. Same thing with punching – contract your arm muscles in BOTH directions. Push out and really PULL your arms and legs back in. You will really amp up your workout that way and get way more bang for your time buck! 😉 Are you ready? Let’s decimate this workout and give it our all!

The workouts in the Lean Body Series are for EVERYbody – men and women of all ages and fitness levels. No matter who you are, this series will get you shredded and breaking through plateaus! Repeat 1-3 times or combine with another workout from the Lean Body Series.
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