MOVE OF THE WEEK: HIIT Basketball Jumps

MOVE OF THE WEEK: Tabata bing, Tabata boom basketball jumps!!! HIIT Basketball jumps really get your heart rate soaring! It is a super efficient calorie burning total body move. This move never fails to get my heart rate up super high! The video is sped up so it doesn’t look like the jumps are high, but they are – jump as high as you can while still keeping a fast pace, during the interval.


1) From a standing position, holding a weight or weighted ball, squat partway down and take a WIDE lateral step with your right foot keeping your body low.
2) Immediately follow with your left foot, bringing it to your right and then explosively jump vertically, extending your ams as if you are going to shoot a basket.3) Repeat alternating directions for a 4 minute Tabata (20 seconds on 10 seconds off). Have fun!

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