Move of the Week: Front Kick Back Kick

Move of the Week: Front Kick Back Kick. This is a great move to sculpt powerful legs and burn calories! It’s also a really effective way to work important core muscles – hello abs! Speed it up for a great cardio calorie burn. Pay special attention to the re-chamber. Really pull that leg back in. You will be working your muscles differently and you will get even more out of the exercise.

Note: Video is real-time.


1) From a split stance with right foot forward and arms on guard, shift weight into left leg and bring right leg into a chamber (bending right knee up toward chest). 2) Quickly extend leg, exhaling forcefully through mouth while kicking out from hip and leaning torso back slightly, pushing out through ball of foot.
3) Return leg to chamber and down.

4) Immediately lift left foot back into chamber (bending left knee behind you with foot near buttocks). 5) Kick back out through the heel (arms remain on guard the entire time). 6) Return leg to chamber and down.

Do 15 quick reps; repeat on the opposite side for a total of 3 sets, or do it as a round of Tabata (4 mins of 20/10 intervals) going at your maximum intensity.

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