Fat Torcher Tabata: Lean Body Series Workout #17

Fat Torcher Tabata is the 17th workout in the Lean Body Series and it’s a CRAZY calorie burn with a high after-burn effect! This is fun intense bodyweight training! You don’t need any equipment, except for a hard chair or bench to do the chair knee tuck ab-work. Or, you can modify on the ground by doing leg raises instead. We will be doing 4 rounds of Tabata, with the first round being kickboxing moves, the second round being all Burpees, the third round being full body plank cardio, and the fourth round will be abs & upper body. This is a super fun one! All levels can do this, just go at your own max pace and get as many reps in as you can in the allotted interval. Take breaks as you need them.

Are you ready? Let’s completely kill this workout and give it our all! You can find the workout here on my YouTube channel. The workouts in the Lean Body Series are for EVERYbody – men and women of all ages and fitness levels. No matter who you are, this series will get you shredded and breaking through plateaus! Repeat 1-3 times or combine with another workout from the Lean Body Series.
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