Lifted Booty Daisy Duke Workout: Body Sculpt Strength Series #11

Lifted Booty Daisy Duke Workout is the 11th workout in my Body Sculpt Strength Series and it is an awesome leg and booty sculpt. This routine works every angle of your buttocks for a tight lifted booty, while also sculpting gorgeous defined legs. I’ve put a lot of single-leg moves in there and a very nice bonus of those moves is that they really work your core as well – so this is a great core workout too! Score!

Shout out to Maria who has been consistently working hard and is seeing results! Yeah – go Maria!!! Keeping consistent with the workouts in this series will quickly tighten, sculpt, and tone the ENTIRE body with lean muscle. You guys are hitting these workouts hard and doing great! Combine the Body Sculpt Strength series with the Lean Body Series and you’ve got a full workout program that will help you hit your goals.
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I’ve also got a Lean Body Series for your cardio and muscle sculpting pleasure! 😉 You can combine workouts from these two series throughout the week, for an awesomely effective, well-rounded, and efficient workout program!

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