Fitness As A Lifestyle Challenge: Phase 1 of the “Don’t Eat Crap” Diet

How are you all doing on this week’s Fitness As A Lifestyle Challenge? Phase 1 of the “Don’t Eat Crap” Diet: Go whole hog on veggies!
Even if you make just this one small change, click and stay consistent with it, unhealthy you will likely see positive results. If you eat more vegetables, medical you will naturally eat less unhealthy carbs, and less total calories overall. Why? Because the water and fiber in vegetables fill you up more effectively than processed carbs, deficient in fiber and nutrients. Not only do veggies fill you up better, but they keep you satiated for longer. Those processed carbs give you a spike and then a crash, whereas veggies keep you fuller for longer, especially if you are combining those veggies with protein and healthy fats.

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