Legs & Abs Killer: HIIT & Strength Series Workout #1

Hi everyone and happy Monday! The first workout of my new series is now posted! It’s a legs & abs killer with both fat burning cardio and muscle sculpting strength. I hope you like it and follow along with the new series! We’re going to have lots of fun with it! 🙂 The FitForceFX HIIT & Strength Series is designed to shred fat, define muscle, and improve your endurance and stamina. I want you to push yourself for the duration of each workout. Remember that you get what you put in, and you are stronger than you think. Challenge yourself and you will see results with this! Follow along with the Fitness As A Lifestyle Challenges, given each week on my Fit Hits videos, to incorporate healthy diet and lifestyle habits to supplement your hard work and help you reach your goals. Don’t forget to check in with me on Facebook and YouTube and tell me how you’re doing!

Each workout in the HIIT & Strength series will have a HIIT (or Tabata) component combined with a strength component. The workouts in this series will range from 30-45 minutes, plus you will need to warm up on your own and cool down on your own, so plan on a 45-60 minute workout. I purposely do not film my workouts with a warm up or a cool down so that it’s easier for you to combine them, if you wish. Most workouts are designed to be stacked.

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