No Mayo Delicious Chicken Salad

Mayo-laden chicken salad can pack over 500 calories per 1/2 cup serving! And many of those calories are coming from unhealthy fats. Sub in Greek yogurt (more protein and less sugar than regular yogurt) to keep the same texture you love but cut the calories and fat of the traditional in half! In an attempt to get more protein in my diet, I’ve also discovered another good substitution. Cottage cheese! It makes for a delicious chicken salad with the same low fat, slightly higher protein, and slightly less sugar than greek yogurt. The texture is a little bit different than using mayo or yogurt, but you probably won’t even notice. Either way – Greek yogurt or cottage cheese – just serve your salad over a bed of lettuce, tucked in a pita pocket, or place spoonfuls on cucumber slices for a low calorie, yet highly satisfying and nutritious lunch. This recipe is my favorite healthy way to make chicken salad.

No Mayo Delicious Chicken Salad
A delicious way to have chicken salad without all the unhealthy mayo! Drastically reduced fat, majorly increased protein!
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  1. 1 can chicken breast (in water)
  2. 1 cup fat free cottage cheese (or 1 cup fat free plain Greek yogurt)
  3. 18-20 dry roasted wasabi, or thai lime chili almonds (Trader Joe’s carries both), chopped
  4. 2 tbsp dried cranberries (no sugar added)
  5. 1 dill pickle, chopped (or 3 tbsp banana peppers chopped)
  6. 1 tsp Sriracha, or to taste
  7. pepper, to taste
  1. Mix together in a bowl! Easy Peasy!