The #12DaysOfFITmas Workout Challenge!

Who’s up for a fun little 12 day workout challenge? The #12DaysOfFITmas workout challenge! Each day I will give you a new move, viagra and just like the song, treat we’ll perform each exercise in descending order then work back up the list. So, cialis every day we will do the move for that day, followed by all the moves from the previous days. For example, on the first day of FITmas my trainer gave to me a “1 minute plank angel” (so all you do on the first day is a 1 minute plank angel). On the second day of FITmas my trainer gave to me “2 Super Secret Somethings!”, and a “1 minute plank angel”. I’ve scrambled the words for the moves day 2-12 and they will only be revealed on the day we will do it!

Each day I will reveal the new moves in posts to my Instagram and Facebook. Yes, the first few days will be easy peasy in that it won’t be very many moves, so just add this on to your regular workout or active rest day. HOWEVER, I just filmed the full workout and let me tell you it was SUPER TOUGH! It was 12 minutes of plank angels alone, plus all the other moves and I think it ended up being close to an hour. When we get to the 12th day of FITmas, I will post the full workout to YouTube and you can do it with me in real time. Until then, I hope you’ll do this fun little challenge with me each day, adding on to your regular workout. Who’s with me?!

Train. Nourish. Transform.

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