Insane Fat Burner Muscle Sculpt: Lean Body Series #19

Hi everyone! I’ve got a new Lean Body Series workout for you today! Insane Fat Burner Muscle Sculpt! This workout is full body with a lot of core work. The interval is a 40/40 with a fun kickboxing interval…so there are no breaks! As the title says it’s an insane fat burner and muscle sculpt! You can do 1-3 rounds of this workout or if you want a 1 hour fun workout, I recommend combing with Lean Body Series #18 and Body Sculpt Strength #1. The Lean Body Series workouts are intense and if you are working at your MAX intensity, you will burn more in 1 round of this than you will in a longer less intense workout.

Don’t forget to stop in and tell me how you’re doing! I love hearing from you!

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