Killer Legs 200 Lunges Challenge: Body Sculpt Strength Workout #13

Here’s another Body Sculpt Strength Series workout and it’s a leg & booty lunge challenge. Although this works primarily the lower body, I have designed this one with a lot of single leg stability work, so your core is going to really get it too! Single-leg and stability work really challenges the body and intensifies the move, so effectiveness is maximized. It’s making good use of our time! 🙂 If you keep consistent with the workouts in this series, they will sculpt, and tone your ENTIRE body with lean muscle. I’ve also got a Lean Body Series for your cardio and muscle sculpting pleasure! 😉 You can combine workouts from these two series throughout the week, for an awesomely effective, well-rounded, and efficient workout program that will really help you hit your goals!

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