Booty Burn 300 Rep Challenge: Workout For New Years Day!

This equipment-optional workout really targets the glutes for a defined, tight, and lifted booty. This is not just a squat challenge, we are hitting our booties at all angles with many different exercises! This workout is actually more than 300 reps because 6 low-walking lunges are counted as 1 rep. Do 2 rounds of this workout for a 600 rep challenge, or 3 rounds for a 900 rep challenge!
It’s a great one to smash out on New Year’s day! I’m going to do it Jan 1…who’s with me? It’s a great way to set the tone for the new year and celebrate all the awesome things we are going to achieve in 2016. Or do it as an awesome booty burning goodby challenge to 2015. Whenever you do it – have fun, feel the burn, and get ready for a fantastic year of hitting our fitness goals together!
The most effective way to get a toned and lifted backside is to attack with a 3 pronged approach: strength training, cardio and diet. So for this workout we are going to up our calorie burn by taking limited rest breaks in between exercises to get our heart rate elevated while we work on the strength exercises targeting our backside. For the diet component follow along with the Fitness As A Lifestyle Challenges in J’s Fit Hits episodes to supplement all your hard work!
Have fun and happy New Year my fit friends! May it be the best goal-smashing year yet!
Train. Nourish. Transform.

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