It’s Baaaaack! New HIIT & Strength Challenge!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be releasing new free workouts to the HIIT & Strength Series for a super fun and sweaty January Workout Challenge! You all really liked the series, so I’m bringing it back for January! 💦💪💕Workouts will be released on my YouTube channel Mondays and Thursdays. This series seriously shreds fat, defines muscle, and improves endurance and stamina. Follow along with the Fitness As A Lifestyle Challenges, given each week in my Fit Hits videos, to incorporate healthy diet and lifestyle habits to really hit your goals even faster.

Each workout in the HIIT & Strength series will have a HIIT (or Tabata) component combined with a strength component. The workouts in this series will range from 30-45 minutes, but you will need to plan for additional time for warm up and cool down, so plan on a 45-60 minute workout. Every third HIIT & Strength workout will be a HIIT & Strength MAX workout which will be two H&S workouts combined and are super mega body-transformers! It’s going to be a fun, calorie burning, muscle sculpting good month!
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