Awesome 5 Minute Ab Sculpting Plank Sequence

Try this 5 minute core-sculpting plank sequence to build rock hard abs. The plank is one of the best exercises for a toned stomach because it works all the muscles of your core, advice especially the rectus abdominus (the “six-pack” muscles). Planks cause 100% activation of your six-pack muscle, whereas crunches cause only 64% activation.

ADVANCED: Perform the entire sequence for the stated time without rest.
ADVANCED-INTERMEDIATE: Perform the entire sequence for the stated time with 10 seconds rest in between each segment.
INTERMEDIATE: Perform the entire sequence with no rest but reduce the time in each segment to 20-30 seconds.
BEGINNER: Perform each segment in the sequence for 10-20 seconds per segment and take rest as needed.

This is a great quick ab routine to throw in to your workouts. Or drop down right now in your office or at home and do it! Keep consistent with it and you will see results! Note: If you have wrist issues, you can do forearm plank or you can grip a set of dumbbells.

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