Legs & Abs Burner: HIIT & Strength Workout #9

Are you ready for the next workout in the HIIT & Strength Challenge? You’ll burn fat, burn calories, tone muscle, and improve fitness with this fun workout! It really targets the legs, gluteals, and abs but you’re going to get a full body workout because all the cardio segments are Burpees, which work your entire body. That means you’ll work pretty much every muscle in your body and burn more calories in less time. To that I say, “Bring on the Burpees”! Tag me and use #TeamFitForceFX in your pics so I can see your awesome efforts!
This series seriously shreds fat, defines muscle, and improves endurance and stamina. Follow along with the Fitness As A Lifestyle Challenges given in the Fit Hits videos, to incorporate healthy diet and lifestyle habits to really hit our goals even faster.

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