Bringing Sexy Back Workout

A strong back is a sexy back. Sculpt a beautifully toned back and shoulders with this strength workout! Specifically designed to give you that v-taper that makes your back look sexy and your waist look small! This is a great routine for feeling confident and looking smoking hot in a strapless or low-back outfit.

The Bringing Sexy Back Workout:

Perform 12-15 reps of each exercise. Go directly from one exercise to the next down the list without rest. Repeat circuit 1-3x with 1-2 minutes rest between circuits. Use a slow tempo and really feel the burn (no using momentum or letting gravity take over! ?

1) Bentover rear flys
2) Decline push ups
3) Lateral raise to front raise & reverse
4) Bent-over single arm row (L)
5) Bent-over single arm row (R)
6) Renegade row
7) Shoulder press
8) Side-plank external shoulder rotations (L)
9) Side-plank external shoulder rotations (R)

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Click on link below for quick video demo of the moves:

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