Full Body Fat Burn Workout

A great full-body fat burn and muscle sculpt you can do anywhere! All you need is a pair of dumbbells or just use your bodyweight! Have fun!

Advanced: Intervals of 50/10 3-5x through
Intermediate: Intervals of 45/10 2x through
Beginner: Intervals of 40/10 1-2x through
If you prefer to do a rep count: 15 reps of each exercise (if single-arm or single-leg do 15 reps each side). ?Knee-to-elbow, diagnosis side-kick (L)
?Knee-to-elbow, side-kick (R)
?Double renegade row (alternating L&R)
?Reverse lunge triceps extension
?Forward lunge biceps curl
?Curtsey lunge squat (L)
?Curtsey lunge squat (R)
?Plank straight arm pass-through reach (L&R) (extend arm down toward your opposite foot and touch floor)
?Spiderman plank, cross-mountain climber (L&R)
?Medicine ball single-leg bridge lift
?Wall plank leg lift (alt L&R)

Click link below for video demo of moves.

Train. Nourish. Transform.

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