Back With a Vengeance!

101 % MHR baby! ? Back with a vengeance! I have to get creative since I can’t yet use my upper body but still got a killer workout in!

Today’s workout was at the gym:

?SMR & static stretching – 15 mins
?Stair climber cardio warm-up – 5 mins
?Stair climber speed intervals – 20 mins
?Hammer strength lying leg press full ROM knees to chest (alternating regular and narrow stance) 170lbs 6 sets of 12 reps/ea
?1 Tabata (4 mins) high-low roundhouse (L), tadalafil high-low roundhouse (R), ball-toe taps, speed skaters, squat front kicks (repeat)
?Hammer Strength Glute Machine 3 sets of 12 reps
?1 Tabata (4 mins) front kick back kick (L), front kick back kick (R), front jump kick (L), front jump kick (R), speed skaters
?SMR & static stretching – 5 minutes

Train. Nourish. Transform.