FitForceFX Products

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is an accurate and reliable heart rate monitor system. Use it with the Polar H1 chest strap and sensor. Monitoring your heart rate using a chest sensor is by far the most accurate method.

I currently use an Apple Watch Series 3. I pair it with a Polar H10 bluetooth chest strap because the watch's built-in heart rate monitoring isn't accurate during periods of intense exercise - especially if you are moving around a lot!

Workout Equipment

DynaPro resistance loop mini bands

DynaPro resistance bands with handles

DynaPro stability ball. Be sure to choose the correct size for your height. If you have questions, feel free to contact me!

DynaPro sliders. These are by far the best sliders I’ve used. They work really well on both hard surface and carpet.

These weighted vests from BodyRock are by far the best I’ve found. They come in different weights and are adjustable to actually fit my small frame.

DynaPro medicine ball. They make the best ones! It’s got a great grip surface as well as is very durable if you want to slam it!

DynaPro jump rope. This jump rope is adjustable to your height and is weighted very nicely. It has comfortable swivel handles and is really great quality! I’ve got one in pink (of course)!

DynaPro Power Resistance Bands (I use mine for assisted pull-ups and dips)

This step/stackable riser is super functional and doesn’t slip. I use this 6” one and often stack it with a second 6” one.

Lifting/Training gloves. These are comfortable, slightly padded and keep me from slipping on my sweaty palms! I wear an XS.

Hex dumbbells are my preferred as I like using the flat surface for renegade rows and other types of weighted plank work.

Kettlebells are excellent training tools and these are great quality. I wouldn’t recommend anything lower than 10 lbs. Get the 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, and/or 25lb weight. Trust me!

A foam roller is a must! And this is two in one with great quality and at an excellent price! I have this one and love it!

CrossCore 180 Suspension Trainer: I LOVE the functionality and versatility of the CrossCore 180. It can do a lot more than the TRX and is simple to use.

The BEST workout mat for HIIT and weight training. Won't slip on floor or under the body! Perfect amount of cushion. Highly recommend!


C4 Ripped pre-workout - this is my favorite pre-workout for when I’m doing a fasted workout. No jittery feeling and no after crash. Fruit punch is my favorite flavor.

C4 Ripped pre-workout in Raspberry Lemonade is my second favorite flavor.

C4 Original pre-workout is my favorite pre-workout for when I’m not doing a fasted workout.

You can get C4 Original in Pink Lemonade too!

I am a BPI Sports Ambassador so I can get you 20% off of all BPI Sports purchases with my code: FITFORCEFX at check-out. They have a good pre-workout but to be honest I still love C4 more and that’s what I use. However, their protein powder and BCAA’s are effective, delicious, and of premium quality - and that’s why I partnered with them.

My favorite protein powders that they make are the ISO HD followed by the Whey HD. Both have excellent top notch ingredients, flavor, mixability, and macros. The ISO HD has slightly better macros but is also costs a bit more. These are GREAT to bake with!

BPI ISO HD Protein Powder

BPI Whey HD Protein Powder

BPI Best BCAA Shredded

Click here to shop at BPI. Use code FITFORCEFX to get 20% off your purchase.

PB8 Probiotics. Probiotics are super important to gut health and I’ve noticed a big improvement since I started taking them a few years ago. PB8 is the brand I use and love. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it’s well-priced and high quality.

PB8 Probiotics (vegetarian). For my vegetarian peeps they have a version for you too!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. This stuff is amazing and is my absolute favorite of all their products (high praise b/c all their products are amazing)! This is high quality marine collagen and it truly is tasteless! I put some in my tea or coffee in the mornings!