21 Day Bikini Body Bootcamp


The FitForceFX 21 Day Bikini Body Bootcamp is a results driven, dynamic and fun fat loss and body toning workout program. It will motivate you, keep you accountable, and change your body. This detailed, day-by-day program is designed with existing FitForceFX HIIT and resistance training workouts. It features an effective combination of some of my favorite workouts from my channel – a combination that will bring you incredible results! This bootcamp program is designed for maximum fat loss and body toning and will make a significant impact on how your body looks and feels. Every workout in this program is real-time one-on-one with me, a certified personal trainer. This is not merely a guide and there are NO repeating workouts in the entire program; you will be doing totally different workouts each day! Each workout is designed to be dynamic, fun, and challenging, while maximizing fat burning in the least amount of time. This is a highly effective program that can be repeated and reused to get you results with every 21-day round. Every body is different, which is why this bootcamp is designed with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to fit your individual fitness level and get you your BIKINI BODY! A “bikini body” is not just about LOSING WEIGHT – it’s about GAINING HEALTH & CONFIDENCE! A bikini body is for life, not just for Summer. I’m so excited to get started with you!

Note: This program can be done with only 1 set of dumbbells, however for best results additional OPTIONAL equipment used will be items most people have around the house such as a hard ball (ie. basketball or medicine ball), a stable chair or a bench/stool, sliders (washcloths can be used on hard floor or paper/plastic plates or Tupperware lids on carpet). 
What you get:
  • 21 days of highly effective workouts with no repeats!
  • A certified personal trainer guiding you through the program and each real-time workout.
  • Workouts can be done anywhere, with minimal equipment.
  • NO gimmicks and NO extra purchases required (ie. equipment, supplements, etc).
  • Personal attention and response to your questions from Jay herself.
  • Basic general nutrition guidance (for more in-depth and customized nutritional guidance see the Nutrition Plan services).
  • Confidence and a body that feels & looks great!