We love your feedback and working out with you! Here’s how people feel about FitForceFX and our workouts and bootcamps.

I’m on the second time through your 21 day bootcamp, in week three. When I started on day one, week one, I could barely get through the first level. Now I can go all the way through to level 3! albeit a little slower than you! My stamina and strength have increased so much, thank you and keep making these awesome videos!

Nicole A.

There went 15 kg (33 lbs) with you and changes in eating habits.Thank you!

Raquel O.

I can’t believe I have FINALLY found work outs that I can do at home and not quit half way through! It’s truly a miracle. I have done two or three of your series (via the bootcamp program) this week already and tomorrow I’m trying out the yoga and abs. Never in my life have I looked forward to working out at home, I’ve been confused on what to do and most online programs just don’t do it for me. I’m so grateful to have found you and can’t wait to keep doing all these workouts!

April H.

Hi J, I love your workouts – I love the variety & there’s SO many different exercises within each workout which makes the workout fly by!


I’m amazed by your videos and your fantastic body. First of all I wanted to say thank you..I looked around on YouTube a lot and I can honestly say that for me you deliver the best workouts I’ve seen. They’re super intense and you are always really helpful with your tips on posture and your constant strength that motivates me a lot on pushing always a bit more…I loved so much this bootcamp because of the nice mix you put together during the three weeks and I wonder if you can create more bootcamps like that! Tomorrow I’m going to start the 3 week bootcamp once again

Mara S.

I have been doing your workouts in my regular video rotation for about 6 months now, and my fitness level has increased so much! Thanks for all that you do, I am so grateful that your videos are available to me. You have made a positive impact in my life! You are one of my top fitness inspirations. Hugs!

Christine L.

Thank you for keeping it interesting and for all the variety. I never get bored during your workouts. I don’t even play music because it would just distract me, especially during the kickboxing moves, which require a lot of concentration😊. Thank you! You inspire me to become stronger and fitter.


This was AMAZING! Was soaked in sweat. I have to thank you so much for your hard work. I was already very fit but somehow nothing seemed to really tighten my abs and since I’ve been through the Bootcamp series twice I’m slowly getting a six-pack. Love working out with you. Such an inspiration that I hope to be still this fit when I get older and still look this damn young. Much love from Luxembourg.


Best workout I have seen so far on any website! Cannot wait to take some of these moves to my HIIT class! Thank you for cuing proper form on all of your classes!

Kellee M.

I ❤❤❤ your videos! Since having my first baby, 7 months ago, and not being able to get to the gym, I’ve been doing your workouts and running. I feel like I am in better shape now than I was before! (I’ve always been an athlete and gym rat; I worked out up until the day I went into labor). Thank you for your kick @ss workouts, motivation, and encouragement!

Courtney F.

Boom! Done with Week 3 Day 1 of the 21 Day Bootcamp. These are all so fun. I’m totally engaged and challenged for every workout the whole time. Thank you!

Ashley K

You say thanks for working out with you, but thanks to you! I feel like you are my workout buddy! When I miss motivation, your videos are the ones I look up because I feel like I have to because of you! It’s great!! Thanks again!


I’m always looking forward to working out with you every day because it’s never the same routine and you’re always right there grinding with us.

Brittany B.

J, you are so awesome! I’ve been working out with you for a couple of months, and I’ve really seen my fitness level skyrocket! I’m a 53-yr-old woman, been working out since my mid-20’s, and have done all sorts of fitness activities in those years. Used to be a gym rat, but now I love to do online videos at home. You are definitely one of my favorites, I love your variety and your enthusiasm! Keep doing what you’re doing, you are truly a great instructor and a wonderful motivator. Many thanks.


Really great work out. J, you are a true fitness inspiration for me. I enjoy working out with you and the motivation during the workouts really keeps me going.


As always you give all the variety in a single workout and your surely one of my faves

Shuchi M.

A short yet effective workout, as good for my level of happiness as for my fat loss! Loved it!

Sarah B.

THIS. WAS. INCREDIBLE! I loved the mix of strength and appropriate HIIT. It was just incredible! and fun. BUT challenging. You’re easily my favorite!


I love this triset format…I’m addicted to your workouts, J! Truly kickass!

~my S.

Your Triple Threat Series workouts are awesome! I am slowly regaining my strength and this is a great workout. Thank you!


You deserve big thumbs up for being so creative with your workouts. I love the variety you offer.


Great workouts! That workout is keeping it real! I like the way you motivate your viewers and the reminders.


Totally awesome! Im super sweaty! Thank you for your great workouts! I feel so motivated and strong when you are talking to us! Ive just done this work out and feel great!

Darina A.

Thanks so much for your workouts. I am feeling stronger with every session! I like (the) HIIT intervals where i develop my cardio that I never thought I would! Thanks again you are brilliant.

Mari R.

Holy cow, I cannot walk😅 That was an awesome workout!

Brittany B.

You inspire me a lot, J, and I like our “community” of workout friends here. Thanks for offering such great videos, I really appreciate it so much!

Christine L.

Thanks, J for offering so much variety. I love all of your workouts.

Lisa J.

I love your energy. Helps me go through with power!! Your 1000 calories workouts (are) absolutely my favorite!!

Ara J.

U killed me😁. Loved the ‘single leg chair squat with heel raise’ move. You surpass your own self with each subsequent workout that u post. I am a big fan.

Shuchi M.

Loved this fast pace and high energy with constant movement. I think I prefer to mix up different short workouts than to repeat the same one again. I love that you give me that option with so many to pick from.

Lisa J.

Week 1 day 3 of 21 day fat burn and body sculpt complete…and I’m so torched! Love it! So glad I found you…

Brittany B.

Love your workouts.

Mrs. Leo

Just worked out with you for the first time tonight and I’m drenched 🤘🏼can’t wait to do more!!

Brittany B.

I’m so happy I found you…your workouts are so dynamic! Appreciate you taking time to make them!

Amy W.

Quick and effective…no nonsense and gets the sweat and heart rate pounding. Awesome! Thank you!

Susan R.

I LOVED this workout. At first I was terrified ( and that’s an understatement) but I tuned it and went all the way to the end. It was AWESOME. Intense but amazing. I feel fantastic! I cannot wait to try another tomorrow!


Amazing! Quick and brutal. Empowering way to start the day, thank you! Loving you and your energy so much.

Marni M.

Amazing kick ass workout! Everests and kick throughs were brutal! Love all your videos.

Ann L.

First time trying your workouts and im impressed…really great workout..can’t wait to do the 1000 calorie burn workouts…imliterally dripping in sweat


You are a Beast. 💪💕 So much fun. So glad I found you!

Chrissie M.

Love training with you.

John Kerr

Today I discovered your yoga videos! Sweat was even invited to this peaceful workout! Yesss, thank J! My shoulders are on fire and so are my abs, peace of mind as an extra benefit! Yay! xx

Sarah B.

Great workout, you are so awesome and your ab series always kills me. I appreciate you sharing your passion and expertise.


This was my first workout with you. I loved it! it was soooo challenging but it flew by thanks to the variety of moves and time periods. I nearly gave up at 29 mins but I kept going and I feel fantastic (and sweaty and exhausted and… ☺

Maxine N.

I’ve been doing cardio kickboxing for years, so I crave a little more intensity & complexity in my cardio routines – your advanced combos really push my focus, agility, & coordination, I absolutely love them!


Feeling so good now! Thank you so much for making these amazing workouts!

Anna T.

Another killer workout! I felt so blah before it but I feel so energised now!

Maxine N.

Amazing workout! You just made my day!


This is great! Quick, fun and effective! thanks!

Olivia S.

I love your workouts so much that I ditched all others… lol

Rupal M.

Such a great workout… I never get bored! Many thanks and Much Love ❤

Mireille T.

I love all your videos, thank you so much for being an inspiration

Silvia T.

J I love your workouts!! So fun, challenging, and sweaty. Keep it up, you’re amazing 🙂


I love your yoga series! have a great day xx

Dika A.

I love all your workouts!!!

Dori O

I wish there was a “double like” option. Coz i already did this workout a while back and liked it. Did itagain today and it kicked my butt.So for the record… its a “double like” from me.

Mandy B.

That was rough, constant movement and kept my heart rate up the whole time. That 30 minutes was worse than the hour workout I did yesterday. Thanks for pushing me! Great variety.


Jay, I absolutely love love love all of your 1000 calorie workouts! They are a great Gift to open in my notifications!❤️😄thankyou !

Patricia K.

I actually felt tired before doing this workout (becuase I didn’t sleep well). I almost didn’t do it and thought to do it tomorrow instead! But I’m SO GLAD I hit the play button! Thank you so much again for making these amazing workouts! Feeling so good now!


Loved this!! And I loved the low impact options 🙂 Thanks for everything you do!!!

Kayla G.

J, this was pretty amazing! You managed to sneak in quite an intense ab workout, while doing a nice, relaxing, yet energizing yoga session. Well done my dear, it was perfect!


Kicked my arse but I loved it! This style of workout is right up my alley!

Samantha G.

I loved this! Short but sooo effective! You are the best!!!


Usually I don’t comment, but this time is sooo different. THIS WORKOUT IS ON FIRE!!! Sport was and still is a huge part in my life. I simply cannot imagine my day without being active. And you now what? I’m a tough case, it’s not easy to get me tired. And you made me sweat! LIKE REALY SWEAT!!! What a great workout. Definitely my favourite (online) workout so far. And believe me, I tried them all 😉 Kisses from Europe!

Paulina D.

I’ve never sweated this much in my life… it was literally a thick thick pile of sweat on every part of my body by the time I’ve finished… thank you so much!! Your workouts are amazing :))

Diana J.

This was great before work this morning! Woke me up and made me feel proud! Love sweating even during strength and great to see an improvement in my levitating lunges/balance on my left side too! Thank you!! xxxx

Emily W.

I feel so proud finishing this.

Rosy S.

That was an absolute killer workout!! My husband did enjoy it too!! Thanks J!! XOXO

Ara J.

Hey J! I love all your workouts!!! Love the variety as well as the intensity!!!

Meg L.

You are amazing! Just found your workouts and they are the best! THANK YOU!

Samantha O.

Way to bring it!! Thank you for the great w/o!

Suzanne W.

Woah, great video. Booty is on fire!

Britney G.

I loved this workout! It was perfect amount of strength and HIIT! Love!

Alyssa B.

Wow, can you and your workouts get any more amazing? This is so awesome!!


Hi J! Love your workouts…they are the bomb!!!


I loved it! I feel so amazing afterwards!


I have been working out for over 40 years-I love yours because they are NOT boring or too repetitive.


As always a killer workout and muscles guessing and burning.and with your workouts! You don’t have to go to the gym.because 23 minutes worth of your workouts (equal) an a hour worth of gym…at the gym to feel the burn in your muscles you have to do 1 hour to start feeling the burn.and with your workouts you start feeling it right away! I really like your workouts!


Wow! I just completed this workout!! The sweat was mental!! Awesome job!!

Stu F.

You have the best Kickboxing!!


Just finished…am dripping in sweat and feeling amazing! You are such a great trainer.

May Q.

Hi, J! My name is Katie, and I discovered you and your videos this past January, and I have been working out with them ever since. I normally wouldn’t reach out like this, but if roles were reversed and you had amazing results like I have, I would want to know! I wanted to share this story with you — I’m getting married this June! I found my dress in November, and the one that I tried on in the store fit me like a glove, so I ordered the same size thinking it would fit the exact same. When my dress came in then in January, I was so excited to try it on only to become super discouraged because it was way too tight, didn’t fit me the same, and I wasn’t in love with it anymore. The worker explained that because the dress I tried on in the store has been tried on several times by women of different sizes, it may have been stretched out, whereas I would’ve been the first person to ever wear my dress. After this experience, I became extremely motivated, and decided that each month I would try on my dress to see how it was fitting/what my progress was like (rather than weighing myself). I completed your boot camp twice through, going through all the levels, and then started pairing your lean body series with the body sculpt/strength. Not only did I start feeling better and more confident, but I could feel myself getting stronger! (Went from level 1 to level 3 with levitating lunges, single leg chair squats with no weight and assistance to holding a dumbbell with no assistance, and even FINALLY being able to do sit up burpees!) So after a month, I went to nervously try on my dress….and it was almost loose! Like it slid right up on my body, and fit beautifully! I was overjoyed, and am further motivated to keep working out, especially using your videos. I wish I could say I’ve lost x amount of pounds or inches, but I don’t like to weigh myself, and I know I’ve lost inches because of the way my dress fit! I’m sorry for the long story, but I really just wanted to reach out to share and say thank you for what you do. You’ve given me motivation, confidence, and a love for working out again.